Mozilla Open Leadership Training 2017

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I was lucky enough to get accepted to join the 3rd cohort of the Mozilla Open Leadership Training. I used it to focus time on developing the DIY Science Network – a project for all the hackers, artists, weird scientists, activists, organisers, enthusiasts, concerned citizens, patients, and their communities, who are getting to grips with science despite not being part of a research institution –  a peer network to share experience, learn from, and support each other.

Being part of the training scheme was really great for the project. I learned github skills and a lot of new best practice methods for community building and collaborative working from Mozilla Science Lab’s experts, met some fantastic people, got mentored for a whole 10 weeks by the amazing Bastian Greshake, could really dedicate time to the project, took part in the 2017 Mozilla Global Sprint, and brought our cause to a big new audience.

DIYScience GitHub Repo // On MozillaPulse // On the Mozilla Open Leadership blog

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