Hi! I’m a science hacker, community organiser, and open society activist living and working in Berlin. I’m a biologist at heart and by training, fascinated by the very weird and extremely small molecular world.

I’m co-organiser of the volunteer-run community hackathon Science Hack Day Berlin, co-host of the DIY Science Podcast, open science and open society activist, former molecular biologist, and have recently joined Wikimedia Germany to develop projects around culture and cultural data.

I specialise in events that foster exchange and collaboration (hacks and hackathons, social or community events, world cafes, informal discussion events) and experiences that support learning and discovery (workshops, hands-on activities, experiments). If you’d like to collaborate or hire me, please get in touch! lucy@lucypatterson.de

What I’m currently thinking about:
twitter: https://twitter.com/lu_cyP
blog: https://medium.com/@lu_cyP
inspiration blog: http://bobahehe.tumblr.com/

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucyjpatterson